Heritage Campaign



-Jin & Oram hire a dwarven guide that recognizes the symbol on Jin’s note.

-He takes them to the southern end of the Frostfel to a Neanderthal clan called Branta; they have the symbol painted on the outside of their caves where they are led inside the caves in a friendly manner.

-Some sort of demon or devil has a lair deep underground and is using the Neanderthals as lackeys; he reveals himself to be Golfaxx the Apt and Jin’s father.  He show’s the pair Jin’s captive mother and stepfather and offers their safe return in exchange for a dagger called Sagnyth’s Spur, held by a creature named Vurkluk the Canny who resides on an island called Jurzut.

-Jin agrees because he doesn’t have much choice and the two head back to Iceheathe on their own; Magdiel (Oram's wife) is killed along the way and Oram is very upset.

-After several tough encounters, Oram quaffs a healing potion that turns out to be something else and glues 75% of his mouth shut.  Both Jin and Oram are in bad shape and are only about 50% of the way back to Iceheathe (the only actual town on the Frostfel).

Jin Ho & Oram